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What’s the Latest on CharityWater?

CharityWater is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing developing countries with clean drinking water. Chances are you have never given it a second thought, you turn on the tap and clean water comes out, the water is good enough to drink, to rehydrate you and keep you healthy.

In developing countries they are not as lucky, often the water is filled with bacteria, and the water they drink is dirty taken from wherever possible. This leads to disease. By working with partners and volunteers around the world, CharityWater has been able to help millions of people in developing countries have access to clean drinking water, enabling them to drink good water when they are thirsty and help reduce the risk of disease.

You can find out more about this non-profit organization online, do a search like you would if you were searching for the best wrinkle cream or Remodeling Estimates and then read up on the great work these people achieve. There are internships, fund raising and many things you can do to help them achieve success around the globe.

Latest Figures

The latest figures released by CharityWater are staggering; they have funded 6,270 water projects. This includes those that have been completed and those that are still under construction. That is a lot of clean water being offered to these developing countries.

If you want something you can go and get it whether its hcg drops or to read the gnexin reviews. In developing countries these people don’t have access to the things we do, so 6,270 water projects makes an enormous impact on their lives.

The latest figures show that 2,500,000 people will be enjoying the clean water provided by the CharityWater organization. These people are those that have never enjoyed clean water, they can now drink water without fear, they can bathe in clean water and enjoy all the benefits that rehydration from this clean water has to offer.

Interesting Information

What is amazing is that one hundred per cent of all donations received by CharityWater go into water projects. The money is not lost along the way; it goes to where it is intended to go. You can read full report on the site on where the money goes so should you decide to help, you know your efforts are not in vain.

CharityWater is completely transparent when it comes to the donations they receive and where the money goes, this ensures that anyone donating to this worthwhile cause knows exactly what their money is used for and if you do require additional info, you can contact them with any questions to offer you peace of mind.

So many countries offer assistance where they can from clothing drives to free government cell phones, but the basics such as housing, food and water are often forgotten. Through regular donations, promotions and charity fund raising, CharityWater are able to make a difference in millions of lives, helping them get the basic benefits we take for granted.

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