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The Importance of Rainforests

Go green, green marketing, environmental friendly are just a few words that we hear almost every day now that relate, in one way or another, to the natural environment that surrounds us.  Businesses are established entirely on the basis that they promote the conservation of the environment. From food chains to floral delivery, Victoria bc are all striving these days to be able to make a positive impact on the environment. It is not only because these companies are concerned about the environment as such; it is because the consumers these days are trying to be more ethical in their consumption.  As a result, entire departments in business organizations have been dedicated to corporate social responsibility.  However, we tend to ignore one major factor while taking this into consideration; the importance of rain forests. The great Amazon is the world’s largest rain forest and recently, it has been getting chopped down at alarming rates.  Now this may seem to pose no threat to an average human being with companies promising about how they plant a tree for every tree they chop and how they are trying to ‘save the rain forests. ‘ However, there are hidden truths that are never really revealed. The importance of rain forests is  such that if one truly understands it, he or she would stop consuming anything that even remotely harms the rain forests. Keep reading to understand the true importance of rain forests so that you can make a choice that is ethically responsible.

Oxygen Production:

The Amazon Rain forest in its own is hugely responsible for the entire earth’s oxygen supply. The thick, dense forest has the capacity to oxygenate the whole planet to a certain extent.  The facts and figures are all available in countless books and over the internet. You can get more information via these sources if you wish to go into depth of this matter.  A lot more stuff is present on the internet that will not only tell you about the oxygen production but about the exact facts and figures pertaining to the destruction of these rain forests as well.

Undiscovered animal and plant species:

With every rain forest that is cut down, we make hundreds of animal, plant and insect species extinct. These rain forests are home to some creatures and herbs that we have yet to discover. Many of the plants in these areas have been known to cure numerous diseases. The rain forest is so dense and vast that not all varieties of plants, birds and insects have ever been discovered! You can check it out for yourself by searching the World Wide Web for information in this regard!

Water Table Balance:

The huge number of trees present in these rain forests can ensure that the water table is managed at a global level. You see, despite the fact that these rain forests may be present in a certain region, certain capacities that they have can reach out to the whole world’s benefit!

It is no secret that we as a race have been destroying natural resources at alarming rates. However, if we manage to destroy the rain forests that we have, there most certainly will be no hope for future generations to come.

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