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The African Environmental Agencies

Africa is a land vast in forests, mountains, seas, rivers, lakes and natural beauty that can take your breath away. There are a number of environmental agencies that work together to promote awareness, conservation and management of these areas.

If you buy SA Property, you want to know that the area around you is conserved, kept to its natural beauty where the animals can roam freely and is under management.

The Environmental Foundation for Africa is a leader in conservation and was originally founded in the UK in 1992. This agency covers areas including Sierre Leone and Liberia and restores forest and handles many awareness campaigns.

They are like taking melaleuca, they are the wellness products for the forests and natural landscapes in Africa and ensure that everyone is aware of their importance and what they can do to help.

The African Environmental Law and Policy Agency includes a range of services including climate, governance, health, management, water and forests. They are like the medical aid for the beautiful landscapes, they ensure that everyone is aware of the importance of these agencies and what they are doing to help Africa.

Greenminded in SA was founded in 1993 and work in South Africa and have also spread to the rest of Africa over recent years. This agency concentrates on identifying, understanding and complying with the environmental issues at hand and concentrate largely on conservation and climate.

While you may believe that lions walk the streets or that there are elephants in people’s back yards, this is completely untrue, but there are a lot of vegetation and animals that do run free, that are conservation issues to help protect them as much as possible. These agencies work hard to ensure that the environment is Africa is kept pristine.

There are a lot of volunteers that work at these agencies, they do not hold business management degrees, and they are average people who believe in the environment in this beautiful country.