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The Top 3 African Cities with Pollution Problems

Pollution comes in many forms from pollutants in the water, air and on the streets and landfills, these cause illness to many who live in high pollutant areas. Africa isn’t exempt from the pollution problem; mainly capital cities seem to struggle with sewerage problems, garbage problems, air pollution and water pollution.

The most affected has to be Maputo in Mozambique. This capital city will have you disgusted with the sewerage in the rivers and garbage lining the streets. If you intend moving here you may want to get as much life insurance information as you can, disease is rife and while they have tried to curb the problem with the number of residents who live in the city, the area just continues to suffer.

The second most affected city is Lagos in Nigeria. Over twelve million people live in the city which has a constant smoke haze covering it. The enormous air pollution problem cannot be solved with a merchant cash advance and more and more people are suffering with respiratory disorders. The hospitals have noted that more than a third of their patients are suffering with a respiratory disorder caused by pollution.

The third is Kabwe in Zambia. This city used to be a large mining area and the mines have since closed down leaving their soil and water filled with lead and metals. This leaves the city unable to grow and sustain crops or use their own water without trepidation. It doesn’t matter if you have a masters public administration or a masters in education, there is no way these elements can be removed easily and effectively, leaving the city filled with dangerous pollution.

If you are mis sold PPI, you can claim it back. Banks and financial institutions realized their mistakes and offered compensation for their errors. But large capital cities in Africa aren’t able to do this. Correcting these problems takes a lot of money, lots of new infrastructure, time and energy.

If only pollution was like a zip file, you could combine it all into a smaller version and send it off elsewhere, like the winrar free download. But in reality these cities struggle daily and not even the most advanced infrastructures will offer an immediate resolution to the problems they face.

If you intend going to one of these cities for an Africa Safari, visiting the capital cities is a wonderful experience, they are bustling areas filled with exquisite architecture and culture. Be sure to buy water and not drink the tap water and don’t randomly swim in the rivers. It may be a good idea to get insurance ce so that should you fall ill from the pollution in the cities you can get medical attention.

These cities are advanced with lots of residents getting masters in computer science and master of accountancy, with some academic achievers it’s a surprise that they haven’t found solutions to their pollution problems yet, but it’s not without effort, these cities fight to combat the problem each and every day.